4 Things You Didn’t Know About the Keto Diet

Here are 4 surprising things you didn't know about the keto diet.

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  1. 🌸💖🌸🔹👍👍🔹🌸💖🌸
    ” Thanks, DoctorOz, for sharing this message with your viewers ! “

  2. Keto is amazing. I have been keto for 610 days! 122 pounds lost so far and my journey continues. I love teaching and helping others do keto as I figure it all out. Vlogging my keto daily keeps me on track

  3. I did strict dairy free keto for about 8 months then switched to Cyclical Keto and my energy has never been higher!!

  4. I already knew it was vegetarian because I’m on a ketogenic diet and I’m vegetarian and have been for 14 years

  5. Dr. Oz you are my hero! I am losing weight with some keto pills from and within 11 days I dropped 18 lbs, the most from the belly. Still on my way 🙂

  6. After doing keto for a couple of years now, I still miss all of my super sweet fruits, but having some lovely berries here and there hits the spot! You can still enjoy that in moderation and using portion control! Happy keto-ing!

  7. Why do you interview Louise Turpins sister when she is being investigated by law enforcement? DO BETTER

  8. I’ve never lost weight faster than when I was using the keto pills from

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