How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Help You Lose Weight

Viewer Nina discusses why changing eating habits can help you lose the pounds. Plus, she shares the meal examples she followed throughout her diet.

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  1. I have loss almost 45 lbs so far and I did it on my own by being committed and consistent. I was tired of seeing others look so good fit so small while I sit here and feel sorry for myself. Then a light 💡 switches off in my head telling me, I too, can achieve this “look so good and fit so small” so I started on my journey 2 years ago and now I’m a size 4 waist 26 inches and I am so proud i took that leap. 😘

    1. @msasporter by controlling your plate portion, and have them in a healthier way,for instance using low fat oil in little way,eat more in the morning and less in the evening,drink more water
      Generally if you eat more then work more,if you eat less work less. For gaining weight;eat more work less. For losing weight;eat less work more.

    2. Congrats. People like you keeps me inspired. Ive lost 60lbs by being 110% committed since september of 2018, started working out 3 months ago, and feeling great! Like you, it was like a switch that flipped in my head. I no longer “wanted” to lose weight, I knew and “believed” with certainty That I “would” lose the wieght.

  2. Great job ladies! I’m 123 pounds down! Keto was just too easy, so glad I found it.

    1. KETO Diamond Channel I found it so hard. Too rigid and restrictive. And I felt like I had to have extreme math skills to work it all out haha. X

    2. camille alexander Iv just started calorie counting. Restricting myself doesn’t work cx

  3. Same breakfast for four years wouldn’t you know, my dog eats the same dinner All joking aside That some will power.

  4. Why does he always hold onto their hands for so long ?? The people he has on stage always look so awkward like they want him to let go their hands

    1. In this case, I don’t think she can walk in high heels so he’s actually holding her hand to help her balance.

  5. Right now I’m 212 lbs.. I’m only 13 but now I’m GOING TO lose 50 lbs this time I’m actually going to do it I’m going to lose it

    Edit I’m down to 196lbs and still going 😀

  6. Keto-does-make you-lose-weight-this helped me get into ketosis fast in 3 weeks I been able to lose 36 pounds

  7. I havent’ changed my diet at-all and lost 39 pounds-last month taking

  8. I also had this journey. Ever since elementary I’been bullied because of being fat. That’s why I decided to get out of my box and start living a healthy lifestyle and lose weight!!! I did everything but the right thing to do really is to have discipline on ourselves. Here are the thing that I did: 1. I downloaded the app “my fitness pal” to ensure that I’m on track to my calorie needs everyday. 2. I started excercising! It is one thing that I can’t do before because of busy schedule I also bought these hip flexos (check it out on this link: @t ) It helped me a lot on my journey (IT IS A MUST TRY!!!!) After all the hardships, I finally achieved my goal weight and now living a healthier life.

  9. I love to fast! Especially OMAD (One Meal a Day)
    Real food foods don’t require an ingredient list. Meats, real cheeses, fruits, vegetables, water, coffee and tea unsweetened, exercising and fasting!
    No matter what I’m doing, where I travel, the occasion or holiday my eating doesn’t change! I eat only the foods mentioned or I fast! No calorie counting! I eat until don’t feel like eating anymore! If the foods I eat aren’t available I continue to fast! I’ve fasted for as long as three days!
    I eat when I’m ready to eat! My breakfast is (Break Fast)! I don’t eat in the morning! Only black coffee and water!
    No bread, pastas, pastries, rices, or potatoes!
    I’ve not eaten any of these for over a year!
    I don’t miss any of the foods I’ve eliminated!
    I don’t cheat with foods I’ve eliminated.
    I don’t miss my 3xl shirts or 38 waist pants! I don’t even get on the scale anymore!
    With real foods and real results! No ingredient list to read. When you eat real food you get real results!
    I use to be 262, now 170! I wear 32 waist pants and wear L shirts. Started March 13, 2017.

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