How to Burn Fat on the Keto Diet, According to Tim Tebow

Sports star Tim Tebow breaks down what he eats to build muscle, burn fat, and lose weight.

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  1. What if you got your gallbladder bladder out ….and if it takes longer to break down fat ..? Is keto diet a good idea too ?

    1. XoBrenduuhXo 12 I had my gallbladder removed years ago and I have lost weight with the Keto diet. I saw results in a few days 🙂 worth a try for sure!

    2. XoBrenduuhXo 12 Sister had her gallbladder taken out, she lost like 40 pounds. You should be fine

    3. @XoBrenduuhXo 12 don’t do it. Your body goes into survival mode and the only reason you lose weight is because your body needs carbs and because you’re eating a ton of fat… It needs to do something to survive… Our livers hate a lot of fat. You start burning all the fat cause your body is trying to survive on the keto diet… Over time your liver will store the excess fat you’re consuming and fat will also be stored in your blood leading you to have a fatty liver and thick blood making it easier for you to have a heart attack or stroke down the line and many other complications. Also viruses love fat. It’s a cushion for them.

    1. Herobrine Builder Clean keto is. Do your own research. Dr.Berg is a great resource

    2. Yes its healthy but its very hard and requires a lot of dedication and will power. Your body (especially your gut bacteria, aka microbiome) try to sabotage you by amping up sugar and carb cravings like its an addiction. I quit smoking a long time ago, and I found carb/sugar addiction is far more intense than nicotine addiction. Quitting smoking was easy peasy (which it really wasnt) when compared to cutting out carbs and sugars. So that should tell you how hard keto really is.

    3. Yes however there’s a version of keto that some people do which is called Lazy/Dirty keto that is not so healthy. That version consists of consuming highly processed foods, low quality meats and lack of real whole food. So when you hear people claim keto is horrible for health, that’s the keto they’re referring to but they always fail to make the distinction😤. But, if the ketogenic diet is done correctly, meaning meals consist of real, high quality whole foods, the yes, it’s healthy and very sustainable. I’m going on 11 months but have been in maintenance for 4 months and I’m down 45lbs. The first weeks suck though lol, but after about a month or two, it’s easy peasy😉

    4. No. A high fat diet is not good. You can lose weight in the beginning cause your body is trying to survive without carbs. Carbs from fruit and vegetables and potatoes are essential for our health. The more fat we add to our diet whether from oils, butter, nuts, meat.. The harder on our liver… On a keto diet your body will burn all the fat cause it’s trying to survive… Also even while you’re losing the. Weight… Your body overtime on the keto diet will start storing the excess fat in your liver… Leading to fatty liver.. And fat will be stored in your bloo leading to thick blood… Risk of all sorts of diseases goes up… Stroke risk goes up and so does heart attack risk. Viruses love fat. They hide behind it.

  2. there no such thing as the ” keto diet ” . im honestly gettin sick of this bullsh*t . ketosis is a FASTED process . ANY solid food will drop you out off keto & spike insulin & bile . please stop shoveling this caa caa down ppl’s throats . its getting annoying

    1. Any “solid” food huh? So if I go eat a ribeye, that’s going to knock me out of ketosis? You clearly have no nutritional education. If it’s so annoying to you, then why are you watching a video about it?

    2. No such thing as keto diet? I guess all those pediatric neurologists treating kids with epilepsy with the keto diet is just a fluke then.

    3. Seems like you don’t have enough knowledge about it to speak on it. I don’t even do keto, wouldn’t since I’m vegetarian, but saying only fasting creates ketones or can put you into ketosis isn’t true. Any extremely low carb diet can put you into ketosis. Fasting can put you into ketosis as well since when you’re fasting you’re not eating any carbs as well

  3. I encourage you all to go to Dr berg channel and see his story of how dr oz used all his research and used it as his own

  4. I’m glad someone handed those women a bulletproof coffee because they seemed thirsty AF. 😂😂😂

  5. For those who is still on their way to burn their fat with pills, crazy diets and exercises. That woman has shown me how to burn fat quick still eating my favourite morning milkshakes. Watch that short video here _NODIET. XCOURSE. XYZ_ to know how!

  6. It makes sense that Dr. Berg has almost 3 million subscribers because of his mastery in Ketogenic diet, than 800k subs of Dr. Oz.
    Because Dr. Berg’s followers show real results, reversed almost all common deseases with just Keto. Straight to the point, no sugar coatings.

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