Is the Ketogenic Diet Right for You?

Dr. Oz and Dr. Josh Axe explain how this high-fat diet differs from the typical American diet. Plus, Dr. Axe reveals his recommendation for this diet.

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  1. We use the keto diet in combination with intermittent fasting in our offices all the time. The combination works great for the right person. I have plenty of videos on my channel on why it may be the right diet for someone.

    1. @dflanagan56 also worry more about your clothes fitting better than the scale sometimes we can get discouraged by the scale not dropping much… And want to give up but the results are endless..

    2. @plattenfan 4606 First of all, you should focus on eating more animal products like butter and rib eye steaks. Also, do some extensive research on veggies. I think you’ll find they are not the magic health food like people say. They have anti nutrients and prevent your body from absorbing vitamins and minerals and this is why many vegans actually suffer from malnutrition and are sickly. Just google “I’m no longer vegan” and you’ll see what I mean.

    3. @Gregory Michaels Keep in mind that Dr. Berg is a chiropractor and not an M.D. He likes veggies but he’s totally wrong about the 5-7 cups a day as that would be too many carbs on the keto diet. In all actuality, you don’t need any veggies at all as you can get every single nutrient you need with animal products. Do some research and you’ll find the truth.

    1. That’s because carbs are addicting just like booze or heroin. Once you stop eating excessive carbs, you’ll lose those cravings. Carbs are the real cause of diabetes and heart disease. Don’t let food control you and make you sick.

    2. Me too. I just do intermittent fasting. I still consume carbs but lost 10lbs in 5 days. I was hardly overweight to start with, just by a pound so I’m shocked that my body dropped that much weight so quickly. I consume carbs every other day at dinner time and do moderate fat and protein.

  2. When you say it was used to control blood sugar in diabetics before insulin is an example of modern medicine hurting over helping.

  3. Josh Axe book on keto is fantastic. He saved his mothers life on the diet too after her second fight against Cancer. Very eye opening, great guy, great advice for anyone that wants to do keto the right way!

  4. Yes let’s bring Chiropractors (Dr. Axe) as nutrition specialists to scam people. Why not bring a cardiovascular surgeon like Dr. Kim A. Williams, head of the American College of Cardiology to the show. But wait Oprah will not allow it. Too much money so let’s keep bringing chiropractors who can’t even write a medical prescription to talk about people’s nutrition and disease prevention.

    1. If you think about it, he does not say much on the show, but what’s in the show is none the less correct. But yeah, he sales keto supplements and I really think that any keto “processed” foods is dirty keto. You simply don’t need supplements unless you are discover your body is insufficient for them. Just get your vitamins and minerals from food. After all, that’s really what it’s all about.

    1. PAUL WESTBROOK it actually is lowering carbs to 50g net per day and increasing healthy fats is actually something the heart loves.

    2. It’s really a myth that cholesterol causes heart disease. This myth makes big pharma billions of dollars a year. It’s actually carbohydrates that cause heart disease by damaging cells via free radicals then those damage cells invade the arterial wall and cholesterol comes to the rescue to heal the artery. Read “The Great Cholesterol Myth” by Jonny Bowden for a real eye opener.

  5. I love this lifestyle. I have been living a Keto lifestyle since June last year and learning something new each day. It has worked. I did lose inches and weight. Dr. Josh is amazing i make his coffee with the turmeric delicious.

  6. DocterOz….I would love to tune in EVERYDAY if you, guests and audience spent half the show exercising……Why do we no longer have a Jack LaLane or Richard Simmons 😢 type of show 🤔

  7. Pleas Dr.OZ post her in YouTube your video that you posted in your Twitter about “Last meal in 6 P.M”
    Thank you from Yemen 😊

  8. JUST a ? i went for blood work My dr. said my TH is high 85
    taking another blood test to find out where its’ coming from could be my thyroids should i take meds ALSOi am 54 going through Menopause….can this make my TH HIGH?

  9. MY cholesterol levels test came back 300 dr put me on cholesterol pills is 300 high? he said it should be 100

  10. The ketogenic diet has amazing benefits especially when it’s plant based which is why I wrote the book The Raw Ketogenic Diet. It’s the best way to burn fat.

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