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Have you had a Personality Quiz Yet?

What kind of person am I? This is a question that may have crossed your mind at one point or another in life. Or you may have been ambushed during an interview with the infamous ‘Tell us about you’ question.

A personality quiz is the best eye-opener into the kind of person that you really are versus what you think yourself to be.

Many people playfully take personality quizzes for the fun of it. The internet and social media are full of these quizzes. Different people tackle them for different reasons;

Curiosity – Every person is unique. Before other people can understand your personality, you must understand yourself so as to know how to interact with them.

Which Personality Type Are You?

Passing time – Many personality quizzes take less than 30 minutes. They are highly engaging, fun and you never know what will come out in the end. Many people take the short numerous quizzes on

  • Facebook as a way to pass time when browsing the internet.
    But a personality quiz should be taken seriously beyond the curiosity and the fun. Here are the top reasons why should take a personality quiz.


  • Help understand your strengths and weaknesses
    A personality quiz can help identify strengths and weaknesses, which is very important in making study and career choices. If you know that you are good with people. you then know that you can fit in a career where you interact with people, like marketing, but would not do well in a career that demand lots of concentrated isolation, for example, an airline pilot.


  • Helps with social interactions
    Your personality has a big bearing on the way you interact with other people. An extrovert may be seen as attractive, outgoing and charming while an introvert may be mistaken for being arrogant and aloof. Knowing your personality helps manage other people’s expectations when interacting. It also helps connect better with other people of the same personality.


  • Self-definition
    Self-concept is partially shaped by what we think others are thinking about us. This is especially in adolescence and young adulthood is crucial in building self-esteem and self-confidence. A personality quiz at this stage can help discard negative self-image and correct negative misconceptions at the self.


  • Clarity in life
    A personality quiz can help establish why things happen the way they do in relationships, social and career interactions where personality has a direct influence.
    Have you had a personality quiz? Take one now and receive a free gift. Know your personality, have fun and receive a freebie! What could be better?

I hope you enjoyed this 🙂

If you haven’t done so already… Take the quiz now!

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