Rob Lowe’s High-Protein, Low-Carb Diet

Rob Lowe emphasizes how his high-protein, low-carb diet and daily workouts keep him in amazing shape and boost his energy. Then, he shares how he likes to make his morning granola.

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  1. Another one, that should have went to JAIL! ( Rob) 20 hrs. Of community service, and everyone forgets!!

    1. Sylvia King
      He was caught messing with a under age girl years ago and got a slap on the wrist.

  2. I wish I had embraced the Adkins, clean keto, eating clean way of eating sooner.

    1. Hi, I didn’t start losing weight untilI read this amazing book on right types of food to eat.
      If you want this Free Email me friends on healthydietplan01 @ gmail .com (minus the spaces).
      Saying, send me the free E-book and I will send It over to you. It worked wonders for me.

  3. Atkins did not invent it.Doctor frederick carlson had a radio show in the 30s.where Rheo Blair listened to it and came up with the high protein low carb diet for bodybuilders.he used it on himself.vince gironda also refined it.

    1. Mashallah, I tried it and was good. I started low carb and had bacon for the first time today. It was good. Not great but it was good. Too salty I think. Inshallah I shall have it again tomorrow.

  4. Doctor Oz looks kinda like James Remar from The Warriors and Rob Lowe looks kinda like Mel Gibson from when he was in Mad Max 2…

  5. Can you have a Bloody Mary or Vodka and Diet Tonic on this diet or any other diet?

    1. Lynch Mob Thank you for getting back to me. One more question please. I love to drink Mr & Mrs T mix alone with out the vodka. Is that okay? In case you wonder what kind of vodka I do drink, it’s Absolute.
      Thanks again. You’ve been great!

    2. Berta Mitchell I had to look that up the bloody marry has 7grams per 4oz about 2% of your daily recommended so in moderation. Everything you consume has all the information on sugar carbs etc on the package or bottle. You have to check even some of the clear flavored liquors have carbs.

  6. Interesting to see Dr.Oz (being a doctor that he is) using flaxseeds without grinding it since pretty much every health-nutrition article will tell you that it is necessary for your body to absorb the nutrition properly. Otherwise, flaxseeds will just pass through your system. On a side note, if you get to grind whole flaxseeds a little more than you need at a time of meal preparation, make sure you keep the remaining in the refrigerator(or freezer is even better) or it goes rancid. Same goes with flaxseed oil. Once you open the bottle, you need to use the oil within less than a week(check the exact duration time). I remember I spent $14 for a small bottle and I used just a few drops at the time and thought I could keep it in the refrigerator. I was wrong, It was spoiled and nasty. After that, I did some reading on it and learned about consumption and storage of flaxseeds properly.

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