Week 2 Smoothie 1

Smoothie of The Week Club week 2.

Natural supplements for anxiety (ingredients to make smoothies):

Anxiety can come into your life due to a lot of reasons. You might be passing through rushy days, an excess of work or even family issues.

However, the external environment is not the only responsible for the appearance of the anxiety. Your brain and body chemistries play important roles in how it can or not be controlled.

Some foods help you to achieve a calmer state through natural components. So the Smoothie of this week is based on one of the most delicious calming fruits: The Passion Fruit! Beautiful and sweet!


The main ingredients in this week are:


  • Passion fruit: Rich in fibers and essential nutrients. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, flavonoids and potassium. Passion fruit has calming properties that can help you to sleep better and keeps anxiety away.


  • Almonds: They help a lot with natural GABA production. Almonds help to reduce anxiety, contain selenium and healthy fats. Keto friendly also!


  • Milk: It is an awesome protein source and has tryptophan. Fat proportions might vary. Milk in this recipe interacts with the acidity of passion fruit, creating a surprising texture.


  • Yogurt: A texture slightly different from milk, full of calming tryptophan. In the Smoothie of this week, yogurt makes it so Smoothie.


  • Pomegranate: Magnesium here helps with anxiety, fibers and vitamins contribute to preventing diseases. Full of antioxidants and colors!


  • Natural Peppermint: It can help to reduce fatigue and anxiety. Peppermint has Menthol, a substance that brings relaxation feeling into the body.


Week 2 – Smoothie #1 – Smoothie recipe for anxiety:

Passion Fruit Smoothie with Pomegranate and Peppermint

1 tbsp. Almonds
¾ cup low-fat milk
¼ cup non-fat plain yogurt
2 tbsp. passion fruit pulp
1 tbsp. Pomegranate seeds
Ice cubes to taste
1 ½ tbsp. Natural peppermint
Natural stevia or Monk Fruit sweetener to taste


1. Add all ingredients to a blender and mix well. Add sweetener little by little to taste. If you prefer, you can add pomegranate after blending.


(Please keep in mind that when you are on the keto diet to get your net carbs you must subtract the fiber from the carbohydrates so you your total carb intake is going to be less)






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