What to Eat on the Mediterranean Diet

Registered dietitian Ashley Koff explains how to set up a Mediterranean diet-friendly plate without overloading on carbs.

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  1. Socca: Mediterranean Style Pancake = (Unrefined Carb/Protein)
    Avocado = (Healthy Fat)
    Whisk Chickpea Flour, Olive Oil or can use Coconut Oil & warm water
    Add spices
    Rest in Fridge
    Cook like Pancake

    I want to try this!

    1. I’ve never seen chickpea flour. Can one find in a reg grocery store or does one need to go to a specialty shop?

  2. Mediterranean Diet works great for a majority of people. We advise tweaks based on some individual needs and health conditions.

    1. We focus strictly on healthy weight loss. Weight loss can be hindered by many different health conditions including food compulsions and hormonal issues. Sometimes a healthy “diet” just isn’t enough. @samantha Gertz

  3. Tuesday, March 26th, 2019. 2:58 PM from afar it looked like you had 4🌐🌏🌐🌏 of these together
    The med-di-te-rra-ne-an!!!
    🌐. 🌐. 🌐. 🌐!

  4. Pancakes..r actually whatvv call cheela in north india..i hav it almost daily..very nutritious tasty rich in protein..nd can hav many variations like..i make it with paste of sprouts .also

  5. Hello dr.oz I can try water diet . I am 168 cm height 80 kg weight . Every i feel very heavy my body . I cant carry my body and i am feel tried and lazy whole day

  6. I don’t think you have to eat all groups each time you eat– if it helps you plan maybe
    . Makes it sound like a diet– it’s not a diet, it’s a “way of eating”.

  7. The Mediterranean diet is the best in the world. Yet all too often keto and IF is being promoted for weight loss and health.

    If you go to France or Italy they cook from scratch, they shop at local markets, they don’t eat processed foods, they eat pasta, salad, olive oil, fresh fish, full fat dairy and yet still have treats such as pastries.

    Americans seem to really over complicate everything. Their food is not comparable to the food in France or Italy. You really have to go there to believe it to be true.

    Their bread for example is cooked fresh daily and is not processed.

  8. Fresh fruit and vegetables is also a huge part of this diet too.

    The recipes are not typical Mediterranean they are just her take on it. You don’t see people having nut butter on sliced pear for example. If they have pancakes they are proper pancakes- crepes- made with milk, egg and flour. It’s like they really ruin stuff by showing stuff that is atypical of this diet

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